Joshua vs Miller: Date, time, price, odds, How to Watch Online

Anthony Joshua Vs. Jarrell Miller is a good matchup that has been coming for a long time. There is a lot of tension between these two men and there has been some pre-fight motion. The fighters had to be separated by security during a press conference and there is a lot of aggression that is there. This event is scheduled for June 1, 2019, at Madison Square Garden. It is the world title fight and the winner will be the champion. These are both heavyweight fighters and Joshua’s title is on the line during this fight. This fight will be the first professional battle in the US as a professional.

joshua vs miller

While both of the contenders in the home are great fighters there is a favorite that has been picked by sports experts. Joshua is picked as the favorite as 8-1 over Miller. Miller is considered to be the underdog but other sports experts are warning not to count him out. While Joshua is not defeated some still feel that Miler will give him a run for his money. If Miller shows any signs of getting fatigued than it will be over for him. Joshua will be able to move in and finish him without a problem. Many experts think that Joshua will win by knockout and will take Miller out when he begins to show signs of weakness. If Miller is able to win, experts think he will win by points and the fight will go all 12 scheduled rounds.

If a person does not have tickets to see Joshua vs Miller live as this event will sell out quickly they will be able to stream it online from their home computer or smart device. This fight will be streamed live as it is happening. A person will be able to watch this on Sky Sports Boxing Twitter as well as the Sky Sports boxing website as well as the app. A person will also be able to access this on the Sky Sports Boxing Youtube Channel. This will also be available on the Sky Sports Boxing on Facebook. A person can also live to stream this through the DAZN app. No cable or extra equipment is needed for this. A person can get a 30 free trial of this program which is great for those that want to see the fight. They will be able to sign up and then cancel if needed.

both of the men are evenly matched. There is only a year difference in age and there is one difference in wins. These men win the majority of these fights by knockout. Joshua has a 95 percentage knockout rate while Miller has an 87 percent knockout rate for his fights. Both of these records are very impressive and both men are undefeated.

The match between Joshua and Miller will be a tough match. Both of these fighters have the skills and they both want it. There is a lot of tension between these two men and this will be an exciting match.

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