How to Watch Joshua vs. Miller Live online (USA/UK/Canada)

The long wait is over. Anthony Joshua, the world heavyweight champion, is set to fight Jarrell Miller also known Big Baby on 1st June at the Madison Square in New York.

joshua vs miller live

The William Hill Ambassador is set to face an uphill task against Miller who has gone undefeated in 20 kickboxing matches, with a majority of the fights ending in less than 12 rounds. ON the other hand, Joshua enjoys equal winning streaks having won 20 0f his latest matches without any defeat. With these statistics at hand, this promises to be an overwhelming fight that you cannot afford to miss.

The biggest advantage for Anthony Joshua though is that he will be able to take head on millers undefeated record in a unfamiliar location. This is set to widen his fan base in the US nad Canada, since it will e held away from his home territory.

On the other hand, Big Baby Miller may face difficulties fighting a proven record that Joshua comes with. A statement win against the high caliber boxer could significantly raise Miller’s career into a different stratus where thus opening future engagements with other top fighters to savor. The William Hill ambassador has everything to gain with this match , thus proving to be a hot shot. You cant afford to miss watching this match.

Joshua vs. Miller live stream will be available in array of platforms including the newly launched DAZN. Although it’s a US based company, DAZN offers viewers from many parts of the world including Canada the opportunity to enjoy the ropes of AJ vs Miller live. With its free monthly subscription, you can never miss to enjoy the long converted fight whether you are in US or Canada.

Apart from DAZN, Sky sport, once of the most reputable channel will also show the game live. Sky port’s platforms such as Sky Sports Boxing Twitter, Sky Sports website and app, Sky sports Boxing Facebook and Sky sport Boxing YouTube channel will sure to air the fight live.

Joshua vs. Miller: What to expect

Anthony Joshua will be defending his IBF, WBA, and WBO titles against the undefeated Jarrell Miller. The two fighters have been known to get into arguments with each other about whether or not each one grew up in a “tough area”. Jarrell Miller grew up in Brooklyn within a self-proclaimed “rough broken home”. The Brooklyn native says he took up boxing and other combat sports to help defend himself after he was attacked in the streets.

On the other hand, Joshua grew up in Hertfordshire after the age of 14 but before then he was raised on Watford’s Meriden estate, one of the towns most deprived areas. In the past, Miller has suggested that Joshua had a privileged life and was handed a road to success after growing up in Hertfordshire.

joshua vs miller

Joshua responded by saying that he “got banned from the area I was growing up because I was getting into too much trouble.” Joshua also noted that his hands weren’t scarred from his boxing career but rather from his lengthy experience in street fighting. Despite this experience that Joshua has from street fighting, Miller is likely to be the heaviest opponent Joshua has faced professionally. Miller claims that he is not only bigger but also “more intelligent than Joshua” but sometimes comes across as arrogant because he is a “warrior” The fight between Miller and Joshua will be taking place at Madison Square Gardens: Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 5:00 PM. tickets are on sale now at sites such as

Prices start at $262 per ticket for west balcony seating and go up to as high as $8, 808 per ticket for floor seating. I personally recommend section 5F. 5F offers seating right in front of the North side of the ring with the best view of the fight for the most reasonable price.

Joshua vs Miller: Date, time, price, odds, How to Watch Online

Anthony Joshua Vs. Jarrell Miller is a good matchup that has been coming for a long time. There is a lot of tension between these two men and there has been some pre-fight motion. The fighters had to be separated by security during a press conference and there is a lot of aggression that is there. This event is scheduled for June 1, 2019, at Madison Square Garden. It is the world title fight and the winner will be the champion. These are both heavyweight fighters and Joshua’s title is on the line during this fight. This fight will be the first professional battle in the US as a professional.

joshua vs miller

While both of the contenders in the home are great fighters there is a favorite that has been picked by sports experts. Joshua is picked as the favorite as 8-1 over Miller. Miller is considered to be the underdog but other sports experts are warning not to count him out. While Joshua is not defeated some still feel that Miler will give him a run for his money. If Miller shows any signs of getting fatigued than it will be over for him. Joshua will be able to move in and finish him without a problem. Many experts think that Joshua will win by knockout and will take Miller out when he begins to show signs of weakness. If Miller is able to win, experts think he will win by points and the fight will go all 12 scheduled rounds.

If a person does not have tickets to see Joshua vs Miller live as this event will sell out quickly they will be able to stream it online from their home computer or smart device. This fight will be streamed live as it is happening. A person will be able to watch this on Sky Sports Boxing Twitter as well as the Sky Sports boxing website as well as the app. A person will also be able to access this on the Sky Sports Boxing Youtube Channel. This will also be available on the Sky Sports Boxing on Facebook. A person can also live to stream this through the DAZN app. No cable or extra equipment is needed for this. A person can get a 30 free trial of this program which is great for those that want to see the fight. They will be able to sign up and then cancel if needed.

both of the men are evenly matched. There is only a year difference in age and there is one difference in wins. These men win the majority of these fights by knockout. Joshua has a 95 percentage knockout rate while Miller has an 87 percent knockout rate for his fights. Both of these records are very impressive and both men are undefeated.

The match between Joshua and Miller will be a tough match. Both of these fighters have the skills and they both want it. There is a lot of tension between these two men and this will be an exciting match.